The Route

In blue, you’ll find some of the more prominent landmarks from the trip, and in red are the waypoints that we set along the way (where we landed, camped, hiked, etc.)

After our trip, I wanted to see exactly how far we’d travelled each day and so I threw together a route in Google Earth. Google takes that route and spits out an elevation profile, so I’ve added it below with some of our waypoints.


You can see that around mile 35 the gradient of the river eases up, and that’s pretty spot-on for where we found that the river mellowed out. Our days at the start were short with a lot of walking and lining, but towards the end of the trip we were covering a lot of ground very easily.

The National Geologic Map Database Project has a great selection of USGS topographic maps that you can find here. These are a great resource and we used them extensively, both in our planning and on the trail.

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